9.9/10 Soundofmetal.se

True black metal from denmark, Copenhagen
Angantyr started as a Synth/Ambient project but changed quickly
to black metal.

Angantyr is a solo project by Ynleborgaz

When i first heard "Et Varsel Om Død"
I had this good feeling that I really could
enjoy. But it just got better when the next song
started : Thulens Ord 08:17
then that feeling was unstoppable,
I just sat down and enjoyed till the end of
Blod For Blod, Liv For Liv even thou its 17:13 min long
I enjoy the whole song. I can listen to it over and over
again. I couldn't belive I sat down for 1:11:32 hours.
One of the best albums I've ever heard.
Everything is perfect no doubt about it.
I think this album is easily the best angantyr album
Then i mean everything, the vocals, instruments
What more to say?
No doubt about it!
Worth to check out!!!

1. Et Varsel Om Død
2. Thulens Ord
3. Baghold
4. Tågefolket
5. Danemordet
6. Fødslen Og Byttet
7. Blod For Blod, Liv For Liv

Misses the tiny extra to get 10..