ANGANTYR - Hævn - Pull the chain (BE)

As I had expected, Angantyr's new and third full-length is much more mature than the already very good "Serj" album
(recorded more than three years ago - re-released this year through Det Germanske Folket and already praised in those pages).
Astonishingly still sounding really underground in both production and general musical direction but the tightness of the black metal delivered here throughout the seven long new compositions
(for a total playing time for almost seventy-two minutes) is flawless.
Generally more black than the previous effort, "Haevn" is what you only can label as an excellent black yet epic / pagan metal album.
Most of the songs secure the needed bestiality (mainly secured by the vocal department) coupled with a continuous melodic facet
(coming from the guitar department). No need to argue, "Haevn" is a top quality black metal album. Highly recommended.