Angantyr "Kampen Fortsætter"

Review by Pestilent webzine.


1. ANGANTYR- 'Kampen Fortsaetter' (Total Holocaust Records 2003)

This is a side-project of Holmgang, and as material it is obviously very
different from the named band. My impression was that of understated and
stern music with archaic, but somehow very significant, atmospheres and moods.

'Portene Abnes' begins with two keyboard chords repeated in succession,
while other moods and elements start closing in until the distorted guitar
tone sets in, creating a beautiful ominous counterpoint which increases in
tension gradually, making the listener anticipate a climax which is then
achieved in the succeeding 'Stormen Fra Nord'.

This song's structure recalls
the godly 'Filosofem' of Burzum in its epic, but compacted, detail, helped a
lot by the simple, but ambiguous, distorted chord repetitions. A few
keyboard lines highlight the ravishing end of the song in brilliant

'Landeplagen.' is simple, yet again, bewilderingly
multi-directional in scope, with successively tragic and victorious moods
fighting for attention, the dynamic shifting bringing to my mind Xasthur and
Arckanum. The music is undoubtedly made a lot more expressive by the ably controlled vocals.

The fourth track is ten minutes of cold and very dark ambience, through
which scintillating rays of light may suddenly appear, only to drown back
suddenly into the unbearably oppressive mood with no trace. This mood
continues for quite some time into the next track 'I Der Knaeler I Ynk'
which at about half its duration bursts again into Burzum-like, almost
polyphonic dismalness.

'Da Frostvind Blaeste' is maybe the most
non-deceptively to-the-point song on the whole length of the album, with a
clear dismal but upbeat riff, while the last song is an inconsequential
though fitting instrumental outro. Grab this fast because only a thousand
copies exist, and I think it's one of the best releases of its year. 9/10